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Retort pouch

This pouch allows your product to be sterilized in a process called "retorting". 


During the process your product is usually heated up to 121°C (250°F) under high pressure. This treatment allows for an extended product shelf life.


Due to this harsh environment, retorted packaging is considered to be the most demanding application in terms of production capabilities and safety standards.



  • Food


Typical applications:
  • Ready-to-eat meals
  • Wet pet food
  • Other long shelf life products


Typical content weight:

  • 50g – 500g


Typical structure:

  • PET/SiOx-PET/NY/NY (microwavable)
  • Special structures 


Value added options:

  • Tear notches: Makes it easier to open the package
Min Max
W – Width 90mm 295mm
L – Lengt 140mm 440mm
GH – Gusset height 22mm 60mm

Above information is only a guideline. Our experts are more than happy to consult you on the packaging format and the structure that fits your application the best

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