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Quad seal pouch

This pouch offers a good fill volume with side gussets. It doesn't offer the same stability nor as many value added options as the flat bottom pouch but it is a cheaper alternative. It also does offer a larger fill volume compared to the flat bottom pouch



  • Food and beverage
  • Personal and healthcare
  • Household care


Typical applications:
  • Powdered food products (flour, sugar, protein powder)
  • Other food products (cereals, coffee beans, rice)
  • Pet food
  • Industrial (fertilizer, plant seeds)


Typical content weight:

  • 5kg – 10kg


Typical structure:

  • Depending on your application, contact our experts


Value added options:

  • Handles
  • Folded bottom
Min Max
W – Width 80mm 380mm
L – Length 80mm 720mm
GW - Gusset Width 40mm 160mm

Above information is only a guideline. Our experts are more than happy to consult you on the packaging format and the structure that fits your application the best

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