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3 side sealed pouch

The 3 side sealed pouch, or sometimes called pillow pouch, is the most basic of the packaging formats available.


It is a simple and cost effective way of packaging goods but doesn't offer any of the advantages given by other packaging formats.


Since it cannot stand by itself it is mostly used for products that need to be hung.



  • Food and beverage
  • Personal and healthcare
  • Household care


Typical applications

  • Many


Typical content weight:

  • 50g – 500g


Typical structure:

  • Depending on your application, contact our experts


Value added options:

  • Tear notches: Makes it easier to open the package
  • Laser score: Allows for a clean tear line
  • Zippers: Easy to reclose. IPS can offer a variety of zippers such standard press-to-close, Velcro, etc.
Min Max
W - Width 50mm 600mm
L - Length 500mm 720mm

Above information is only a guideline. Our experts are more than happy to consult you on the packaging format and the structure that fits your application the best.

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