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Digital printing that offers flexibility

Digital printing is a rather new technology for flexible packaging but that has gained much traction

This printing process offers you a lot of flexibility and is especially economic for smaller order quantities

We at IPS use printing equipment from top suppliers ensuring the best possible quality in the market

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Advantages of digital printing

Excellent image quality comparable to gravure printing

Cost efficient for small order quantities, no need to invest in cylinders

Flexibility to combine multiple SKUs in one printing run without limitations on color


How it

Rotogravure printing has the best printing quality, however it is not particularly suitable for small runs since you need to do an initial investment for the cylinder cost as well as consider high setup cost per print run.

Here is where digital printing shines. The equipment that IPS uses has also extremely good printing quality but doesn’t need any prior investment in printing cylinders and it also has a very low setup cost and time. This makes this printing process especially suitable for startups or smaller companies with lower order quantities.

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We use state-of-the-art printing techniques ensuring the best possible quality for your products



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